Climate Land Interaction Project (CLIP) - East Africa
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Matrix of Experiments
Exp. #    Land Cover     
boundary conditions    
(greenhouse gas )
1ClipcoverCCSM 2000-2059some Clipcover is based on a snapshot in time(Africover)
2ClipcoverCCSM 2050-2059remarks      
3LTM 2050CCSM 2000-2009remarks      
4LTM 2050CCSM 2050-2059remarks      
5LTM 2000-F
CCSM 2000-2009this LTM uses previous RAMS output for 2000-2009
6LTM 2000-FCCSM 2050-2059remarks      
7LTM 2050-FCCSM 2050-2059This LTM derived from Exp #6 climate vbls
8LTM 2050-FCCSM 2000-2009tentative
List of Experiments
Case 1:present GHG and LULC
Case 2:future (2040) GHG, present LULC
Case 3:present GHG, future LULC
     (changes based only on demographic/technological/socioeconomic factors)
Case 4:future GHG and LULC

(2 1): effect of GHG change alone
(3 1): effect of LULC change alone
(4 + 1 2 3): synergistic effect of GHG and LULC together

Case 5: as with case 1, but LTM gives present LULC
     based on climate of case 1
     (first coupling experiment)
Case 6:future GHG; LULC based on future non-climate factors
     but climate from case 5
Case 7:future GHG; LULC based on future factors
     including climate from case 6
     (complete coupling)

(6 5): influence of GHG plus non-climate-related LULC change
(7 6): influence of feedback of climate-influenced LULC change
(7 6)/(6 5): feedback ratio

The minus (-) symbol is not meant to represent an actual subtraction here;
it is intended to represent caculating the differences between the specified cases.