Climate Land Interaction Project (CLIP) - East Africa
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Teaching Resources

We have put together lesson plans and resources that you can use to assist you in teaching your students about East Africa.

Lesson Plans (Grade 7)
This Web site provides educators of students in Grade 7 with downloadable lesson plans for exploring the physical and agricultural geography of Kenya in East Africa.

Kenya E-Book
An electronic book to inform and educate about the biogeography, the economic, social, and political structure of Kenya in East Africa. Maps and photographs illustrate the physical, ecological, and socioeconomic themes and concepts. This multimedia book has 3 embedded videos. If you have trouble viewing the videos please visit and download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Simulation Game
This Web site provides access to an interactive simulation game on herder and farmer interaction. The simulation game is in a penultimate version and is being tested but is available for viewing. To play the online game the applet requires Java 1.4.1 or higher. You may download the latest Java plugin from Sun's Java site available at